Reclaimed Baltic Pine Plywood Boards

We have a very limited supply of Reclaimed Baltic Pine Plywood that we are currently sourcing. We personally have used this material in harsh external conditions over many years and even without protective finishes it has not deteriorated, separated, cracked or warped to any significant degree.

This material is amazing. We love it!

Material Attributes

Using our Reclaimed Boards for your project has numerous benefits. Saving your cash and the planets resources at the same time is a real everybody wins story! Our customers have helped us save tens of thousands of tons of forests.
Our Reclaimed Baltic Pine Plywood Boards are flat, stable and very strong. They are easy to cut into shape and top layer of ply is substantial and thick enough to sand smooth without penetrating into the cross grain of the underlying layer.
The quality of our Baltic Pine Ply boards rivals Marine Plywood. We do not market it as marine plywood because it is reclaimed and does not come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Boat builders have used our material over the years with great success. This Plywood is built to last.
Although we have a limited supply we do have a vast range of sizes in both 9mm and 12mm thick boards.
Our Reclaimed Timber is extremely stable, straight and true because it is well cured and has had a chance to adapt to the environment over a lengthy period of time. Freshly cured timber, even if it is kiln dried, may twist and turn as it undergoes the process of settling in to the environment it ends up in.

Technical Information

Baltic Pine | Austrian Spruce (Picea Abies)
Norway Spruce | Baltic Pine | Baltic White Pine | Baltic whitewood | Common Spruce | European Spruce | European Whitewood | Finnish Whitewood | Fir | Gran | Northern Whitewood | Russian Whitewood | Spruce | Spruce Fir | Violin Wood | White Baltic | White Deal | White Fir | White Pine
Norway spruce grows throughout Europe from Norway in the northwest and Poland eastward, and also in the mountains of central Europe, southwest to the western end of the Alps, and southeast in the Carpathians and Balkans to the extreme north of Greece. The northern limit is in the arctic, just north of 70°N in Norway. Its eastern limit in Russia is hard to define, due to extensive hybridisation and intergradation with the Siberian spruce, but is usually given as the Ural Mountains.
There can be a beautiful variation in the colour of Baltic Pine. From a light beige with a hint of yellow to a rich reddish brown, sometimes including a combination of both. This plywood is characterised by a well glued inner core that has very few open knots. The ply does not swell when wet, nor does the ply separate under moist conditions. Baltic Pine Plywood can weight about 800 kg/m3.
The material responds very well to machining and does not chip easily. It is not brittle, does not flake and sands very well. The plywood is great to work with. It is capable of a smooth, clean finish and can embellish a variety of techniques and finishes. It takes stain, paint, varnish ,wax and a variety of different glues extremely well with little to no hassle when applied correctly. Additionally, drilling and fastening with both screws and nails is a breeze leaving all the more room for what’s important, your creativity!

Download Size List

Download our latest size list to see what we have available for you to create with. Please remember to give us a call for an accurate measure of our stock levels. We have limited stock so make hay while the sun shines!

Download Size List

Various Baltic Pine Plywood Board Grain Examples