Reclaimed Timber

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Timber is one of the most versatile materials available to man. There are very few rivals for its adaptability and variation. Most of all, it has, down the centuries, been readily available to crop and use for a multitude of applications. With the rampant appetite we have developed in consuming the resources of the planet timber has been under threat like all of our other natural resources.

A wonderful feature of timber is the fact that we can use it again and again without it losing its strength or appeal. We can build a house with it, tear it down and make furniture; we can disassemble the furniture and make toys and picture frames and so on. All this can happen without the material having to be reprocessed, as in the case of steel, plastic and cardboard. Timber avoids the cost and extra energy of recycling by being reused; we refer to this as reclaiming.

There are trillions of tons of timber constructs and products in the world and as with the way of things people are changing, updating, reorganising and discarding all the time. This leaves billions of tons of material including timber heading towards an uncertain future; most of it to landfill. In the USA alone, one million tons of timber pallets alone are sent to landfill every year.

The aesthetic appeal of timber when it has been used once and is being recreated into something else takes on an added dimension of appeal. It has a story to tell, it has a degree of character not found in the new and uninitiated. This appeal has captured our modern day world and counterpoints our often synthetic and sterile environment by bringing a bit of country, an earthly rawness, a taste of nature and individuality not found in the mass produced product.

We at Heart Eco are passionate about reclaiming timber because we have had such fantastic results with using it for ourselves. We have built our houses with it, made furniture from it, created picture frames and a whole lot more. It really is simple to get a fantastic result when we focus on bringing out the character of what we are working with. It is a fun experience when we are not trying to make a weathered piece of Oregon look like new oak.

If you want new oak timber you are going to have to eat into the depleted stock of forest on our planet. If you want to experience reclaimed timber and the multitude of applications, results and finishes that you can get from it then you must talk to us. We are the market leaders in reclaimed timber in Kwazulu Natal, so it makes sense to come and visit us.



Stewart Oliver

This will be the fortieth anniversary of my involvement in turning so called waste material into something of value. This journey has been incredibly eventful, fun and rewarding. The learning curve has been steep and not without the blood sweat and tears of a path less traveled. My mission is to pass on as much of my learning as possible. My experience in training others to play games and find a meaning to their existence supports this mission. Contact me if you are looking for a better way of living in this world and if you have found it already I would love to hear about it!