Reclaim The Name!

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A few months ago we embarked on a venture to redefine our image. We have been known as Pinetown Timber and Boards for the past 13 years and making a change was pretty scary but despite this we knew deep down in our Hearts it had to happen. We spent months exploring different possibilities, writing down literally hundreds of names, until finally we found one that felt just right. We searched for every reason we could to make sure this was it, that this is the name that would loudly and proudly sing our song. We decided on Heart Eco. We have a vision of living in a world without waste and for us this name strongly represents that.

When it came time to design the logo we were faced with many unforeseen challenges. We spent days trying to find something that not only told a good story but told our story. We found that it was not just one Heart we were looking for… It was a bunch of them. ┬áNot the individual but the collective!

With these words we begin our adventure, changing the world by truly living in a world without waste. We know that words don’t belong to anyone, they belong to everyone and it’s no different with our name. This name is yours as much as it is ours; we believe your Heart is just as Eco as ours and we hope with our initiative you will come to see that this is a shared experience.