Hearts In The Right Place…

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We are grateful to have had so many diverse and different customers come through our doors over the past 13 years. In this time we have seen some truly amazing feats; people transporting their reclaimed materials in some mind boggling weird and wonderful ways! Recycled Timber, Boards and various other materials, loaded into and onto, Bicycles, Motorbikes, Mini’s, Beetles, Mercedes Benz’s, Porches and Vintage vehicles not to say the least, but none, more admirable, than on the heads of those who travel by foot!

Some come from near and others from far, we have so much respect for those who carry the recycled product they purchase from us on nothing more than their heads, motored by nothing more than their feet. They travel by foot to our showroom, purchase their reclaimed materials with the little money they have, tie up their purchase, load it onto their heads and begin making their challenging journey back to their homes to make a living. What makes this even more awe inspiring is the fact that many have been doing it for years, week after week, month after month, year after year, they do what is necessary for both them and their families to survive.

It is said that you will always find those that are better off or worse off than you. For so long I thought that these individuals had it worse than me, they had it hard, they were unlucky and seemed to have to fight so hard to win but when I sat down and took a good long look at their situation I realised that I could be the unlucky one. I had to ask myself the question. What would it take for me to do what they do? What would it take for me to do what is necessary to survive? After many years of witnessing their truly remarkable will to survive, I have come to realise that at the end of the day, I am actually quite lucky. Not because I do not have to do the same but because I have had the honour of witnessing with the greatest of appreciation what they do. Forever I will carry a new unrivaled sense of respect for these amazing individuals and the courage they display in the face of adversity. They have taught me so much; gratitude is truly an amazing place to be!

We vow to find ways to support these incredible individuals built on a foundation of love, driven by our hearts!

I ask you to ask yourself these questions; what did you have to do today to get the job done? What mountain did you have to climb?

General Manager