Load Of Rubbish!

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It is about time we rethought our attitude towards Rubbish.

Rubbish has no ability to defend itself against the disrespectful manner in which it is treated. Poor Rubbish, it never starts off being an outcast. It is often purchased at great expense, a beautiful box containing a necklace, a wrapper around a favourite chocolate or the skin of a banana. How beautiful it all is when we fall in love with the objects of our desire, how quick to discard once we have ravished and taken the part we want. Rubbish is born and aborted often in a single breath. In a flash it is as if heaven becomes hell and our disgust propels urgent action. Rubbish is a child born of rape, pillage and greed. GET RID OF IT NOW is the call!

Some of us have devised sophisticated methods of hiding poor Rubbish away from sight. The best example is the household rubbish bin! Such is the disrespect that we have for Rubbish that we line our bin with a black plastic bag to ensure that our bin remains clean and clear of the contamination we are sure would occur should Rubbish contact our precious bin. Even the perfectly good black bag becomes Rubbish!

The next important call to action comes with ensuring that Rubbish is banished to a faraway place as soon as possible. This is to ensure that the aroma of Rubbish never reaches our noses: lest it remind us of our part in its creation.

There are others of us who, apparently free of guilt, have no need to hide Rubbish away but gaily cast it off in all different directions. It is seldom that Rubbish can be identified as belonging to anyone in particular once it is has been discarded in this manner. This is primarily because we seem to all share such similar Rubbishes.

The time has come to speak out against this abuse of defenseless Rubbish and take a stand.

The truth is that Rubbish has been entirely misrepresented. Rubbish is not rubbish at all. On close inspection and with an open mind anyone can notice that there is no such thing as rubbish. At a stretch of the imagination it exists on the figurative level. It is a word used to describe the so-called worthless or useless by those quick to judge with little introspection and careful consideration.

The fact that there is no such thing as rubbish is not a theory but can be easily proved. It is a simple matter of separating the contents of your rubbish bin. This unsavoury process could however be avoided by not mixing it all together in the first place!

Once you have deposited the food from your bin into the compost heap, created handmade paper with your old bank statements and cardboard for your son’s school project, committed to never buying another plastic bag at the supermarket because you have enough for the rest of your life, planted seedlings in the baked bean tins, made your own ginger beer in the beer bottles and washed out the rags to use again. Now you can re-purpose the rubbish bin as a toy box for your youngest child, a compost bin, dog food container, or donate it to the neighbourhood crèche.

Can we take responsibility for what we are creating in our lives? Are we not too busy rushing after the next purchase, the next big braai to think of the consequences of our rampant appetites for stuff and more stuff!

In nature waste does not exist, everything fulfils a purpose whether it is living or dying. That is so amazing and so simple!

But we are above that, are we not?



Stewart Oliver

This will be the fortieth anniversary of my involvement in turning so called waste material into something of value. This journey has been incredibly eventful, fun and rewarding. The learning curve has been steep and not without the blood sweat and tears of a path less traveled. My mission is to pass on as much of my learning as possible. My experience in training others to play games and find a meaning to their existence supports this mission. Contact me if you are looking for a better way of living in this world and if you have found it already I would love to hear about it!