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Heart Eco ~ Recycling Wood Without Waste


Reclaimed Timber & Boards

We have quality imported reclaimed Baltic Pine Timber & Boards available in a wide variety of sizes.

Reclaimed Products

Reclaimed Products ready to go. We have an extensive range to choose from. Limited stock!


Whether it is machining, custom made products or finishing we have a feasible solution for you!

What We Have Achieved So Far

Over the past 13 years we have processed over 16 000 tons of reclaimed materials.
Of the total of 16 000 we have successfully redistributed 14 400 tons to the public.
We have also had the honour of contributing over 1 280 tons of reclaimed materials to ecommunity run projects and services.
Regretfully we have sent 320 tons of material to landfill. We strive everyday to limit this to no more waste.

Measurement History

Start Date : 23/02/2001

Last Revision : 01/11/2014

Grand Total
16 000 tons
14 400 tons
1280 tons
Land Fill
360 tons